Anurag Dhungana

Anurag Dhungana

Python Developer in Nepal, He/Him

Looking to create an Impact

A year ago


A lifelong learner, always seeking out new challenges and knowledge.



Work Experience

2023 — Now
Berkely , California

● Coordinating between various departments, project tracking, ensuring the “higher level, overall goals” for the
week is moving
● Figuring what tools / support our various divisions need
● Designing solutions to Business as well as Technological Problems
● Building and managing the team, and overseeing the operations at different levels
● Building out the CLI and SDK for customers to interact with our product

2021 — Now

● Using Python to build scripts with internal SDK as well as API to achieve different solutions and meet
ever-changing needs.
● Communicating business requirements with stakeholders and delivering high-quality solutions
● Building internal web apps to run custom functions/processes that interact with the internal SDK
to provide a stable platform for team leads.

2022 — 2023

● Collaborated with team members, supervisors, and stakeholders
● Data cleansing and transformation using Python and SQL
● Processed the data, analyze it, and drawing conclusions from it
● Used tools like Microsoft Power BI and Google DataStudio to create the
dashboards and present findings

2022 — 2023

● Building and managing a community of more than 1000 members.
● Managing the day-to-day aspects of the startup with things like feature requests, and issues and prioritizing
● Co-ordinating and planning features, managing user expectations, conducting SWOT analysis
● Raising funds for the Open Source Project

2023 — 2023



A movie recommendation system based on an item-based collaborative filtering algorithm. The front end is
built using ReactJs, and the back end uses Python. KNN clustering algorithm is used to separate items into
clusters. The data is pulled using the external API(TMDb API).


A simple website I made using Free Code Camp Weather API. It simply shows the weather status of your
current location